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Think Data Before Venturing With
Your Money

Our ingenious data analysis software takes the pressure off your decision process by calculating highly probable outcomes directly to you. Analyze, calculate, track, and anticipate multiple different events globally and take advantage of daily events, effortlessly, on-the-go! Join now and start today.


A better way for your events data.

Stop guessing and take your experience to the next level with our data analysis software to make informed decisions.

Unlimited Analysis

Make the smartest decisions with our highly analysed game data trickling to your smart device through your channel of choice like Email, Telegram and instant browser notifications.

Bankroll Calculator

Maximize your success and let our money-management calculator help you make smarter, safer decisions by calculating the recommended value of your choices whilst estimating your success potential.

Advanced Data

Our tracking system works 24/7 analyzing hundreds of events, granting you access to all the strategies created by our data specialists.

Smart & Safe Decisions

We provide you with a tailor-made telegram bot that scans, analyzes, notifies, and guides you every step of the way to ensure you make smart and safe decisions with a plan that works for you.

Access to Our Best Data

You will receive our highly probable analysis data. Uninformed users leave money on the table every day as they try to balance the risk, our system gives you the edge by providing highly probable outcomes directly to you.

24/7 Customer Service

With great service comes great responsibilities! We aim to provide you with a 100% easy, smooth decision making experience. Just reach out we'll be there for you.


See Our Success Rate For Yourself

Take a look at our latest analysis for yourself and make the decision if it's worth it.

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Join other smart users who rely on our data analysis software to make better, smarter decisions every day.

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Start Making Smart Decisions Today

Join us now and use our software and tools free for 7 days. If you are happy we are glad to see you on the other side!


Our membership grants you an engagement-free membership and total freedom. You purchase access to our data for a given period of time and you will receive unlimited access to all our features as long as this access is active. No strings attached, No hidden costs. You are in control of how much you want to spend.

What's included

  • Unlimited Access to our data

  • Daily analysed data

  • Bankroll Calculator

  • Instant Desktop notifications

  • Instant Telegram notifications

  • Priority support

Frequently asked questions

How do I contact support?

For support relating to your cashways account, please use the contact form and we will respond to your issue as soon as possible. We do not provide support for one of the many bookmaker services available, please contact them directly.

How does it work?

We analyse results from a variety of different events. Each analysis provides a statistically driven probable outcome to assist your decision making in events of your choosing. Follow our analysis to get an edge over other users.

I received an unsuccessful analysis, what now?

Our service analyses results based on the historic data available. Unfortunately, analysing the future isn't an exact science and there's always an element of risk involved. Our calculator is available to assist in your money management and to ensure you can look forward to a sensible and successful future.

Where does the analysis data come from?

Our in-house developed software scans multiple different events consisting of approximately 150 events daily and filters them based on our unique patterns.

Do you guarantee daily analysis?

No. If there are no analysis on any given day our system has determined that no game met the criteria of our patterns.

What is the meaning of "passed" and "failed"?

A game counts as passed when the full time of a particular game is over and the data which was send out was successful. Lets use an example. We will count a soccer game as passed when both half times are over and our data was successful based on the notification. For table tennis e.g. we count the game passed when all sets are played and the data we send out was successful.

A game will show a status of 'Passed' once the game has concluded and the analysis made from our data is successful. For example, a soccer game will show a status of 'Passed' once both halves have finished and the analysis made by our data was successful. Table tennis events will show a status of 'Passed' once all sets are concluded and the analysis made by our data was successful.

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